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This page lists all of my published books as well as my advice for how to write a technical book. For my other writings, visit here.

Table of Contents

My Latest Books

Choose Your WoW! Second Edition Introduction to DAD

Older But Still Solid

Although these books were written over a decade ago they have stood the test of time.

Refactoring Databases The Object Primer

Books On The Web

I've chosen to publish updated material from these books on the web. These are still good books that you may want to own, but the key information is freely available online.

Agile Modeling Key concepts from this book have been published and extended at Agile Modeling Logo

Agile Database Techniques Key concepts from this book have been published and extended at Agile Data Logo

Elements of UML 2.0 Style Key concepts from this book have been summarized at Agile Modeling Logo

Defunct Books

Although these were great books back in their day the industry has moved on.

DisciplinedAgileDelivery Executive Guide to DA Enterprise Unified Process EUP Inception Phase EUP Elaboration Phase EUP Construction Phase EUP Transition and Production Phases Managing Agile Projects Building Object Applications That Work The Elements of Java Style Mastering EJB 2/e Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture Maturing Usability Process Patterns More Process Patterns