Known Typos

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This pages lists the known typos in the most recent printing of my books. If you happen to notice any as you read, I'd really appreciate hearing about them. Please contact me.  Thanks in advance.

Books I'm currently tracking:


Enterprise Unified Process

Page 15.  The figure should be:


Page 17: The milestone for Construction should be "Initial Operational Capability (IOC)"

Page 62: The second title should be "The Release Replacement Milestone" and a similar name change should be made in the following paragraph.

Page 170: The first paragraph should refer to the Inception phase, not the Initiation phase.

Page 189: Figure 9-8 should be:

The Object Primer Third Edition


Process Patterns

Page Typo Likely Solution
100 first paragrapgh, last sentence: "...which describes the requirements for th" ...for the system.
106 first paragrapgh, last sentence: " increase the productivity of your p" ...of your prototyping efforts.
107 third paragrapgh, last sentence: "...or corrections to ensure that the minutes are" .... are complete.
115 second paragrapgh, last sentence: "...prototype walkt" .... prototype walkthrough.
347 Table 8.4, Use cases and Scenarios Add an X for User Requirement Definition
347 table 8.4, last row is not complete: "User interface prototypes" The real problem is use case diagrams, don't get me going ;-), that text should not be there and instead "user interface prototypes" be moved up in its place. Therefore Xs appear for Detailed Analysis and Detailed Design.