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Order now! This page provides links to Ambysoft's free, downloadable plug-ins for the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF).  These plug-ins are based upon my previous writings in agile software development, and I hope that your organization finds them of value.  Topics addressed on this page:  



What is the Eclipse Process Framework?

The Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) provides an extensible framework and exemplary tools for software process engineering, including method and process authoring, library management, configuring and publishing a process.  It also provides exemplary and extensible process content for a range of software development and management processes supporting iterative, agile, and incremental development, and applicable to a broad set of development platforms and applications.


What is an EPF Plug In?

An EPF plug-in is a cohesive "process module" which extends an existing base process with new/updated process material.


The Agile Database Techniques Plug-In for OpenUP/Basic

Overview  The Agile Database Techniques (ADT) plug-in is an addition to OpenUP/Basic which describes how to:
Version  0.3 (Beta), Released November 30 2006
Download  8K ZIP file
  1. Create a new folder on your machine (optional).
  2. Download the zip file into the desired folder.
  3. Expand the zip file into the folder.  Subdirectories will be created appropriately.
  4. Start up EPF (you may need to download it).
  5. Import the plug in into EPF.
  6. Modify and publish your process appropriately.
Dependencies  This method plug in is an extension to OpenUP/Basic v0.9.


The Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD) Plug In


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