Some of My Southern Utah Pictures (taken June 2003)

by Scott W. Ambler, Copyright 2003

Just thought I'd post a few pictures to share with you.  I took them with my 3.3 mega-pixel camera that I usually use for work (I also took pictures with my Nikon film camera in parallel).

On Saturday evening (June 21) I drove out to Cedar Breaks Canyon.  I hadn't planned on going there but it was close, about a half hour drive, to where I was staying.  As you can see from the following picture I'm glad that I did. The rim of the canyon is at 10,000-10,500 feet in elevation, significantly different than a couple hundred feet above sea level that I had left from that morning.


On Sunday morning I drove out to Zion National park which is where the next four pictures are from.   The following picture is taken at the canyon floor.


I hiked up to very close to the top of one of the Northern cliffs along the Hidden Valley trail.  The park is huge and spectacular.  I could easily see coming back here for a week or two just to hike around.  The following picture is me with some of the mountains in the back ground.  The colors varied widely from white to red to gray rock throughout.  I suspect I went up about 2000 feet in height from the canyon base.  This picture is taken about 2/3 of the way up.


The next picture is me standing in the Virgin river.  The narrows trail ends and you can continue on, like I did, by walking through the river.  I followed it about 1.5 miles upstream.  The canyons narrows to about 30 feet in some places yet still towers above your.  I went in a little above my knees although in places it got to 4 or 5 feet in depth.

I took this picture of a Columbine flower growing in the rock face.  In a couple places the park has weeping rocks that feed hanging gardens.  I saw this flower in several places, mostly in shady areas.


Monday June 23:

Went to Bryce Canyon this morning.  This first picture is taken from the rim half way along the canyon and the second picture is the natural arch as seen from the road.




These two pictures are taken from the bottom of the canyon at the rock formations.


The following picture gives you a feel for how many of those rock formations are in the canyon, and this is just one part of it.

This picture is taken looking north east from sunrise point.  It was taken mid afternoon.


After leaving Bryce I drove south to Coral Pink Sand Dunes park and took a few pictures.  The first one is of one of the many dunes, the sand is from the pink sandstone in the area, and the second is an artistic shot of my shadow on a dune.


On Tuesday, June 24th I drove East and then North from Cedar City past Bryce Canyon through Escalante and Boulder and then finally North and West back up to Salt Lake City.  The weather wasn't very good, it rained a fair bit and when I was in mountains we even got some snow.  I took the following pictures along the road.  They don't do the area justice.


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