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I am a Senior Consulting Partner with Scott Ambler + Associates, working with organizations around the world to help them to improve their software processes. I provide training, coaching, and mentoring in disciplined agile and lean strategies at both the project and organizational level. I am based in Toronto, and although I prefer to work close to home the fact is that I spend a portion of my time consulting in the United States, Europe, and occasionally Asia-Pacific. I have written several books and white papers on object-oriented software development, software process, Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD), Agile Database Techniques, and the Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) (TM). I am a speaker at a wide variety of conferences world wide and am often asked to deliver conference keynote speeches as well as give internal presentations at organizations.

I tweet my thoughts and observations about software development and write columns and/or articles for several publications. I maintain, and am active on, several mailing lists and blog about how to scale agile software development.

My hobbies include writing, cycling, karate, and Tai Chi and I have several technical interests as well. I am a Fellow of the International Association of Software Architects and Disciplined Agile Consortium . My other pictures are posted below.


For business-related requests the best way to contact me is via the SWA+A contact page. If you wish to contact me personally feel free to send an email to me at .


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My Columns/Articles

These days about 99% of my writings are posted at the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) blog.

I was a Senior Contributing Editor with Dr. Dobb's Journal. In the past I wrote for Software Development, but in June 2006 issue it was combined with Dr. Dobb's. I occasionally write for Cutter Consortium and IBM Developerworks (I was an IBM employee for 6 years although wrote for DevWorks for several years before joining IBM).

Professional Interests

While at IBM I led the development of the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) process framework and wrote the Disciplined Agile Delivery book with Mark Lines. Mark and I are now actively evolving DAD as we apply it within organizations and teach it to people. I suspect that this will be my primary focus for this decade.
Scaling Agile and Lean One of the goals of Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) was to provide a foundation from which to scale agile. At IBM I initiated the work in their Agility@Scale endeavor and captured many of my learnings in my Agility@Scale blog for several years. I intend to occasional post new ideas to that blog, although most of my writings will be posted to the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) site.
I am the practice leader behind the Agile Modeling methodology. The AM method was first proposed in 2001 and the first full version was captured in the Agile Modeling book based on the input of several hundred people in method workshops and via the web.

I am the author of the books Agile Modeling, Agile Database Techniques, and The Object Primer 3/e all of which describe AM in detail. My latest book which shows how to apply AM techniques in practice is Disciplined Agile Delivery. The book The Elements of UML 2.0 Style summarized AM too.

I have helped clients adopt evolutionary and/or agile techniques for doing data-oriented activities. I've written about these techniques in the Jolt Productivity award winning books Refactoring Databases and Agile Database Techniques as well as in Disciplined Agile Delivery and The Object Primer 3/e. I currently deliver in-house workshops and conference presentations about agile data techniques.
Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) In the Autumn of 1999, I initially proposed a new instantiation of the Unified Process within the pages of Software Development that eventually evolved into the EUP. You can read about it at the Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) site and in The Enterprise Unified Process: Extending the Rational Unified Process . I often work with organizations that need honest and unbiased help to tailor the Rational Unified Process (RUP) to meet their real-world needs although these days my advice is move to Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) as quickly as possible.
I am the practice leader behind the Agile UP methodology. I was actively working on AUP before joining IBM in the summer of 2006, at which point I was asked to focus on OpenUP instead. At the present moment my only involvement with the Unified Process is to help organizations transition to Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD)

Speaking Engagements

Since the mid-1990s I have presented at a wide range of technical conferences in around the world at which I have delivered keynotes, tutorials, workshops, and presentations. This includes:

I also deliver in-house training workshops as well. Please visit Scott Ambler + Associates for more information.

Other Pictures

Sadly I'm not the most photogenic person. If I've sent you to this page to pick up a photo of me for a brochure then please choose from any on this page. I've posted several pictures in order of my preference immediately below. The second and third were taken at Machu Picchu in January 2004, I was in the first group to get on the Andes trail that year. The next picture was taken in New Zealand just outside of Queenstown on the south island in the Spring of 2003. The fifth one was taken by my wife when we were in DC, the sixth in Belize, the seventh one in 2007 in Mexico, and the eight one is another professional shot.


Master of Information Science (MIS)
September 1990 - April 1994
University of Toronto
HCI-related thesis, Object-Oriented Methods

Computer Science Specialist (BSc), Commerce Major (BSc)
September 1985 - May 1989
University of Toronto
Graduated with honours

Interesting things I’ve done during the last few years:

Jolt Judge

Software Development Methods that I am the Practice Leader of:

Disciplined Agile Delivery: The Foundation for Scaling Agile Enterprise Unified Process (EUP)

Things I believe in:

I Support the Agile Alliance.