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Recently reviewed Confused about the proliferation of different versions of the Unified Process? Me too, so to make it easy for all of us I've put together a list of all of the variations that I know of, some of which are actually real. Some of the "fake" variations are clearly jokes, happy April Fool's day, whereas others may hit a little too close to home.
Process Description
AUP: Agile Unified Process An agile instantiation of the Unified Process which can be downloaded free of charge.
BUP: Basic Unified Process A simplified version of the RUP which is being donated by IBM Rational for inclusion into the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) as open source.
CUP: CMMI Unified Process You think that there's a lot of unnecessary paper work in your version of the UP? You ain't seen nothing until you've tried the CUP. Once your IT organization gets good at CMMI UP it is likely that senior management will simplify things by tailoring the process down to a single "Outsource Everything to India" discipline.
DUP: D'Oh Unified Process The process followed by employees at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
EUP: Enterprise Unified Process An extension to the UP which extends the lifecycle with enterprise-oriented disciplines as well as two new phases (Production and Retirement).
EssUP: Essential Unified Process A lightweight, agile, easy to use, process.
FUP: F'd UP The UP when you don't hire mentors with the skills to tailor it down to something which meets your actual needs.
GUP: Grown UP A tailoring of the UP after your organization has been successful with it for years. Over time you slowly tailor the UP down to something that strangely looks like Extreme Programming (XP).
HUP: Held UP What happens when you walk around the wrong parts of town late at night.
IUP: Interstellar Unified Process This process addresses every conceivable activity you may ever perform, and every inconceivable activity as well, in any conceivable business. Last year a forest the size of Rhode Island was decimated just so a single copy of the process could be printed out for the CMMI auditors.
JUP: Java Unified Process In the IT industry these days, anything starting with the letter J must be a Java thing.
KUP: Knowledge Unified Process A process by which you spend millions of dollars capturing the knowledge of your organization's experts in electronic form so that it can be shared with everyone else, only to see that investment completely and utterly wasted when you discover that people don't actually read this sort of information, instead they prefer to collaborate with the experts. Who would have guess that you can't address a human resources (HR) problem, that of losing valuable expertise, with needless bureaucracy?
LUP: Literary Unified Process A form of the UP where no actual software gets produced, only paper-based documentation which is endlessly reviewed, corrected, and then reviewed again. Sometimes the RUP degenerates into the LUP, particularly in large companies and/or government organizations. But then again, if you can't get the documentation perfect then there is no way that you could possibly building good software, right?
MUP: Meta Unified Process A unified process for describing a Unified Process. The OMG defines meta process levels of MP0 (e.g. the RUP), MP1 (e.g. the MUP), MP2 (e.g. the meta MUP), and MP3 (e.g. a downloadable audio version of the RUP).
NUP: Nike Unified Process This simplest form of the UP to date. It is described by three simple words: Just Do It.
OUP: Ordered Unified Process A serial version of the UP where every activity is performed in serial order. This is a degenerate form of the RUP which is often implemented by traditionalists who just don't get the concept of evolutionary development.
PUP: Puppy Unified Process The process for house training a young dog. You print the process and then put the printed sheets down on the floor for the puppies. As the puppies do their business you tailor the process down to something simpler, reprint, and then iterate. Eventually the process is tailored down to something that fits on one page, and the puppies are pretty much house trained by that point.
QUP: Quincy Unified Process The process followed by medical examiners responsible for solving a crime within a one hour time frame. Followed by the people who work for CSI: Miami, CSI: SVU, CSI: SUV (they solve automobile-related crimes), and CSI: Toledo (this is a team is run by Captain Klinger, formerly a corporal in the US army, which focuses on crimes of fashion).
RUP: Rational Unified Process A framework from which software development processes can be instantiated.
SUP: Slang Unified Process What's SUP dude?
TUP: Tivoli Unified Process IBM's Tivoli Unified Process (TUP) delivers a prescriptive approach to IT Service Management for clients and partners. It looks a lot like a combination of the EUP's Operations and Support and Enterprise Administration disciplines, probably because of the ITIL influence on all three.
UUP: Unified Unified Process The collection of all versions of the Unified Process in one single framework.
VUP: Vendetta Unified Process This is the process which your project stakeholders follow once they discover that a failed IT project has only delivered mounds of useless documentation, even though the project manager had been reporting improved "earned value" scores up until the very end of the project.
WUP: Wazz UP A process for brewing mediocre yet strangely popular beer.
XUP: Xerox Unified Process The detailed procedures required to successfully operate your company's photocopier. Bet you thought I couldn't come up with something for the letter X. ;-)
YUP: Yes-Sir Unified Process "YUP" is what you tell your manager when he asks if you're following the official process, regardless of whether you're actually doing so.
ZUP: Zydeco Unified Process The process being followed by the US Government to rebuild the city of New Orleans. The process involves lots of politicians making grand promises, recent immigrants doing a lot of hard work yet receiving little credit for it, and former residents still partying like it's 1999 all the while complaining about their living conditions.

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